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The Traveler Mindset 2021

Summer is here… It’s June! The world is moving forward in a new post-pandemic direction. In-person meetings, conferences, and tradeshows are all cornerstones of most businesses including the hospitality industry! Looking at recent data the numbers are up and on the rise for the hospitality and travel industry. Despite the lingering staffing shortages experienced throughout […]

Hotel Lulu Opens in California

 Hotel Lulu, opened in California Following Renovation and Rebranding, nestled in the heart of Anaheim, opens its doors opens on May 14th, 2021 and was greeted with positive reviews. With 310 guestrooms it is conveniently located just steps from Disneyland and minutes from Anaheim Convention Center, this welcoming and playful property boasts chill California design […]

Labor Shortage 2021

Today’s labor shortage conditions could easily develop into one of the worst labor shortages in the last 50 years, particularly for businesses that employ blue-collar and service workers. This of course creates a huge strain and overall impact on the US economy. It has been a tough year for the hospitality and restaurant industry, and […]

A Revolutionized Impact on the Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry has been completely revolutionized during this current COVID-19 Pandemic. What was once the norm in the commercial cleaning industry has completely changed! Not only have the cleaning standards and expectations altered, but the procedures and protocols themselves have changed along with the materials, certifications, and employees. Everyone and everything has had to […]

2021 – Most Anticipated Hotel Openings

Resorts World Las Vegas In over 11 years this is the newest Hotel to hit the Las Vegas Strip, Resorts World will pack its ruby towers with three hotels — Crockfords Las Vegas, LXR Hotels & Resorts; Conrad Las Vegas; and Las Vegas Hilton — 117,000 square feet of gaming, nightclubs from popular Asia party […]

The New Type of Hotel Guest

The new era post pandemic has caused a ripple in the digital landscape around the globe. In an (International Data Corporation) IDC research report the new spending on digital transformation worldwide is expected to reach more than $2 trillion by 2022 compared to $1 trillion in 2018. The result? A “new guest” – which consists […]

5 Helpful Hotel Energy Saving Tips

1. Smart Climate Control Whether it’s air conditioning or heating, every business has the need for climate control, and often a dedicated HVAC system. Internet of Things and machine learning are helping businesses save significantly on their energy consumption and costs. From smart thermostats that allow users to program their energy consumption around daily occupancy needs to smart sensors that monitor […]

Tech Trends For The Hotel Industry Post Covid-19

Post pandemic the hospitality industry has been slowly recovering. The assistance of technology has helped ease the strain on the industry. Embracing touch-less, is thankfully something that was emerging before the pandemic, however, it has gone from nice-to-do to essential-to-do. Now with hotels investing in ways to serve the guest mindset, the initial months following […]

Hospitality Marketing Post COVID

In a world where what was once familiar has become foreign, it’s safe to say that hospitality marketing has shifted in a radical direction. Even the most capable minds are left in a tailspin and what we hear a lot is pivot, pivot and well pivot again! Hospitality Marketing today is faced with the following […]

The new normal for restaurants and hotels in the US

COVID-19 has changed everything, including how restaurants operate and the way customers use them. The restaurant industry has experienced catastrophic losses and profound changes resulting from the pandemic. Nevertheless, its businesses continue to evolve in order to thrive again.  As restaurants start to reopen here in Florida and in other states, and prepare for dine-in […]