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Hospitality Marketing Post COVID

In a world where what was once familiar has become foreign, it’s safe to say that hospitality marketing has shifted in a radical direction. Even the most capable minds are left in a tailspin and what we hear a lot is pivot, pivot and well pivot again!

Hospitality Marketing today is faced with the following critical questions:

  • How do we reach our target demographic?
  • How do people feel about the hospitality industry? Hotels specifically?
  • How does our property or services fit into their new world?
  • Is there anything new we should be doing or adding to our services as a result of the “new normal?”

These questions are relevant for the long-run, not just in the here-and-now.

How to survive the unknown
It is important now more than ever to stay true to your original core values and keep an authentic voice while doing so. Let’s say for example your brand’s message changes, your valued clientele may second guess the integrity of your business. Whether you run an independent luxury resort, a convention hotel or even a small boutique property all of these tips can apply.
  • Keep a constant stream of important information throughout your website or any other print or online presence.
  • Provide ample information on all of the safety protocols in place.
  • Be sure to have updated hours of operation of all sections of your property.
  • Detail the type of services that are not available, and if applicable when they will the resume.
  • Explain if any particular facilities on your property are not open, and when is the expected open date, if known.
Send an honest message to guests and prospective guests
As simple as this tip is, it doesn’t make it any less imperative in building and maintaining trust with individuals. Be honest by being upfront about the type of experience your guests will have on your property. Unfortunately, we have all been thrown curve-ball and we are all adapting to the new type of “normal“. Have some faith that your guests will understand the new changes and protocols in place. If you have the experience of an unhappy guest at least they will take away that they were not over promised and under delivered.

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Protect your online reviews presence
Do you currently have a plan in place for online reviews response? Now is the time to create one! A good rule of thumb is to delegate an employee to monitor review sites such as Yelp and Google, on a daily basis if needed. The web is filled with online reviews that companies have not responded to. Make sure your more recent reviews have a thoughtful response by one of your designated employees.
This will do two things:
  1. Happily thank guests who leave positive feedback as well as show appreciation to staff that made this review possible.
  2. Quickly address negative reviews that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Addressing any concerns as fast as possible may assist in perhaps changing the outcome with good customer service.
These tips will all in all assist with staying connected with your previous and future guests. While this is just a scratch of the surface it’s a great start to revising a marketing strategy that best suits this time in the world to speak to your audience with a clear and concise message.