New chemical free cleaning protocols – How hotels plan to clean up their act for post-COVID-19 travel

The world’s largest hotel groups are revamping their housekeeping and cleaning measures in the aim of restoring consumer confidence and bringing guests back to traditional hotel rooms. After Marriott International, which released details of its sanitation and hygiene procedures earlier this month, Hyatt and Hilton have been quick to follow in announcing new cleaning protocols for their properties around the world. Amenities like pens, paper and guest directories will also be removed as a decluttering measure, and the frequency of cleaning will increase for public areas and fitness centers.

Most hotels also said they will be expanding its contactless Digital Key service, which allows guests to check-in, choose their own room and gain access using their mobile devices.

As of September 2020, most large hotels groups will have a Hygiene Manager, responsible for the property’s adherence to new cleaning standards. They will be responsible for implementing social distancing measures in public spaces, staff training, enhanced cleaning measures, food safety, hygiene protocols and air quality control.

Hotel such as Marriott International announced plans to introduce new high-tech sanitation strategies that include the use of electrostatic sprayers and hospital-grade disinfectant. The company is also testing the use of ultraviolet technology to sanitize keys and devices shared by hotel staff.

The most striking update will be the introduction of electrostatic sprayers—the same machines used for fogging airplanes—to sanitize surfaces both inside hotel rooms and in public areas like the lobby and gym. The disinfecting machines (which look like a cross between a Nerf gun and a handheld steamer) rapidly spray a EPA-approved solution that clings to surfaces, offering the ability to sanitize large areas quickly, but is safe to breathe. An increasing amount of hotels are also looking into using ultraviolet light technology “for sanitizing keys for guests and devices shared by associates,”

More immediately, guests will likely notice major changes in the lobby. To promote social distancing, hotels will be temporarily removing or rearranging lobby furniture and offering more hand sanitizer stations throughout. You may also start seeing clear partitions separating the concierge and check-in teams from guests at the front desk—though, like the UV lights, Marriott is still deciding if it’ll go forward with this tactic. At the many Marriott hotels where it’s available, mobile check-in and use of the hotels’ apps for room service and other requests will be encouraged to limit face-to-face interaction. As for the rooms themselves, surfaces are being more closely disinfected with hospital-grade supplies, and you’ll find disinfecting wipes inside your room to use as you see fit.

new spray protocolsAt American Cleaning Services, we are ready with this new technology and have recently introduced 3 new cleaning protocols:


Those systems have the ability to eradicate viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and microorganisms and are a simpler, safer, more sustainable way to clean, deodorize and sanitize hotels, restaurants, casinos, gyms and schools.

  • Eliminates germs, odors, stains, mold, and mildew.
  • Quickly kills viruses and bacteria including E.coli, Salmonella, MRSA and more.
  • Safe and effective with no toxins, carcinogens, or chemical residue.
  • No odor, residues and other chemical side-effects

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