A Revolutionized Impact on the Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry has been completely revolutionized during this current COVID-19 Pandemic. What was once the norm in the commercial cleaning industry has completely changed! Not only have the cleaning standards and expectations altered, but the procedures and protocols themselves have changed along with the materials, certifications, and employees. Everyone and everything has had to transform and adjust to a new norm, which has altered our lives.

Commercial cleaning companies are now becoming COVID certified and COVID compliant abiding by procedures given by the CDC. American Cleaning International received its COVID Certification in July of 2020. We take pride in ensuring that our establishments, businesses, and guests are taken care of with the proper cleaning procedures and sanitation protocols. By using state-of-the-art technology we combat the COVID virus and every germ in its path. Now is the time to check with your business’s protocols and ensure that you have the top safety and sanitation standard protocols for your business. The times are changing, the environment is changing, and life as we know it is changing. It is time to change your business and ensure that it is covered properly for you, your guests, and your future.