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Tech Trends For The Hotel Industry Post Covid-19

Post pandemic the hospitality industry has been slowly recovering. The assistance of technology has helped ease the strain on the industry. Embracing touch-less, is thankfully something that was emerging before the pandemic, however, it has gone from nice-to-do to essential-to-do.

Now with hotels investing in ways to serve the guest mindset, the initial months following the outbreak have provided an opportunity to upgrade systems without disruption. Perhaps installing kiosks for self ordering, QR codes for menus, or near field communication technology for in-room ordering. It’s all about creating a smooth and touches experience for guests.

This pivot by hoteliers, has launched them into the latest technology in this digital era faster than ever. New technologies in housekeeping can create guest trust, which is extremely vital with the new “normal”. Using the latest protocols and cleaners to sanitize rooms, public areas, and high-touch areas is crucial, especially from the guest perspective. In some ways a guest’s smartphone will be the first and possibly only point of contact for most interactions.

Some hotels have already had in place some tech that has shown to be more valuable than when first implemented. Loews Miami Beach Hotel already had some contact-less applications in place, one of which was a live texting service that connected their guests with staff on property for various needs. The texting service also is used to inform guests about upcoming events, promotions and other latest news on the property.

The Hyatt has taken their technology efforts to their fitness studios, by teaming up with local fitness vendors and creating a library of fitness videos exclusively available to their guests. This is a clear example of pivoting and providing what your target demographic is looking for.

Adoption of mobile locks in the hotel marketplace continues to rise unilaterally across all segments, from major brands to the smaller independents. In many cases, the guest can skip the check-in line at the hotel’s front desk and go directly to their room. This tech combines two major needs of guests today, less interaction and faster, convenient experience.

Despite the huge need for it, public networks remain a concern to even the least tech savvy. Simple steps to eliminate exposure of user sign-in credentials include wiping all devices twice to remove any credentials after the guest checks out will protect guests.

Technology will allow safe integration and collaboration across the hospitality space, Smart hosts will balance high tech and high touch. Covid-19 has expedited the digital transformation. This will continue happening and will not go back to normal in a couple of years. People might not want to interact, but we are in the hospitality business. As guests return to hotels and restaurants, the industry will be ready to greet them. Tech will ensure safety without encroaching on someone’s privacy.